Gran Aroma another Suntory coffee attack !


It has been a busy time for the marketers at Suntory, first the My Drop system, now their canned coffee Boss gets a revamp with the men of SMAP promoting their new BOSS Gran Aroma. The mixing of foreign words “Gran” and “Aroma” not withstanding, seems that Suntory is trying to up their coffee game! First time I have seen BOSS in a filter pack (meaning there is real coffee in the filter pack) and also the usual RTD canned version. They were promising some sort of champagne fermentation process was involved to make the Gran Aroma different. The coffee filter pack lists both Columbia and Brazil as origins, plus “others”! Others could be some robusta, or perhaps some natural process coffee from where I don’t know? There is this strange fragrance and aroma which has subtle nuances of a natural process coffee lurking deep within the blend! This will be available tomorrow the 20th of August ! SMAPxBOSS commercials too…….


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