Fifth Anniversary of Blogging on WordPress !


So it was five years ago I started this blog, like many things I showed much interest in supplying pictures and comments of what I was doing. Like many things, my blog fell by the wayside ! Perhaps it was because I didn’t think I was giving anything of interest to those that chose to read ? Perhaps it was because I wasn’t anymore interested nor did I have anything interesting to write about. Go forward a few years and I was again (coerced) having to blog with a purpose. You might have seen that I have been posting on educational subjects. This was for a course requirement that gave us a choice of producing a Petcha/Kutcha-20/20 slide show or a blog. T’was the path of least resistance for me. So resurrection it was ! Since finishing the complete licensing course (still have my final project to deliver) I can now blog more about my interests again. I am looking forward to another 5 years of interaction with you !  


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