“Social MEdia” by YOU and IMD !

07330004“Social MEdia” by YOU and IMD !

A link to IMD Social MEdia platform, it’s all about YOUR story !

4 thoughts on ““Social MEdia” by YOU and IMD !

  1. Is that parachuting or did you skydive? One off your bucket list? 🙂 I bet you felt so alive doing it. I have a relative who did skydiving in Florida and he said it was the best experience ever. I hope I get to do this stint too.

    • This was parachuting off the side of a mountain in Queenstown, New Zealand ! I went skydiving in Namibia, great fun (but totally scary)!

  2. Hi Philip,
    You sure have done an excellent job with your blog. I wish I knew better how to manipulate the build the pages better in my own blog. I have struggled to get the content options to work well. You have obviously got it all figured out. Nicely done.

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