More on LMS, CLMS, LCMS ! (Part 3)

What is the difference between a LMS, a CLMS and LCMS ? 

A Learning Management System should centralize and automate administration and use self-service and self-guided services to assemble and deliver learning content rapidly. It should also consolidate training initiatives on a scalable web-based platform and support portability and standards ( Ellis, Ryann K. 2009, Field Guide to Learning Management Systems, ASTD Learning Circuits).

The differences between the above acronyms are :        

LMS: (Learning Management System) Manage learners and facilities, launch and track online learning and keep records of the activity. An LMS isn’t used to create course content ! 

CLMS: (Corporate Learning Management System)  Corporate LMSs usually include registration and management of classroom instruction as well as eLearning management and delivery. Some corporate LMSs add e- Commerce capability and may include regulatory compliance, competency, performance, human capital and talent management which link closely to Human Resources functions. Corporate LMSs tend to emphasize the management of asynchronous (self-directed) online learning because there is no assumption that an instructor will always be present ( McIntosh, D. 2013, Learning Management Vendors ).

LCMS: While LMSs manage learners and record keeping, LCMSs manage the content of courses. Typically, course content is stored as learning objects in a learning object repository database. The objects are described and tagged so these objects can be recalled and reused by the same course designers and others. The term CMS (Content Management System) is usually used to refer to a system to manage content on a website. LCMSs are specialized CMSs which are specifically designed to manage learning content ( McIntosh, D. 2013, Learning Management Vendors ).

Should you wish to further inform yourself please review the above PDF. It should be noted that in 2012, corporate training was a $200 billion industry. E Learning represented $56 billion of that and is expected to double by 2015. The LMS market alone is expected to grow to nearly $2 billion in 2013, perhaps those of us that are looking to venture in a new direction should take note, the sky is seemingly the limit !Image


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