Creative Commons: A How to guide………

If you are a blogger, and that would make most PIDP learners, to meet the pre-requisites for the course you will need to have Creative Commons attached to your blog ! About a week ago I mentioned on twitter that had figured out how to apply it to my wordpress blog. Earlier on today another student tweeted that they had too been able to apply it to their blog (this after help from me, yes I am blowing my own horn).  I have always thought giving credit where it was due was a fair thing to do (as I did earlier when I re-posted a site link from another student). So I am now posting the definitive CC how to guide, and yes tumblr folks, there is a work around for you too!


One thought on “Creative Commons: A How to guide………

  1. Hi Philip, Great photo!! Your blog is looking very interesting and all posting is informative. You have done a great job on your blog so far. I am amazed to see how your blog is developing. Good work and by the way thanks mentioning about the CC. I have to look up how to add on tumbler. I know you wrote about it but is not so clear!!! Shanta

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