The Other Part of Work !

The Other Part of Work !

Visit to clients ! When I owned my own language school in Japan I used to have to visit clients for special memorial functions. This would be me and the 2 owners of a private Kindergarten. They were both very concise and demanded un-conditional attendance to all events. Now i have a certain allergy to Sugi pollen and the room was full of fresh rape flowers (canola), and many other spring pollen factories. I always had to take pictures in front of the flowers but they allowed me to wear a mask during the ceremony so I wouldn’t sneeze so much!


2 thoughts on “The Other Part of Work !

  1. I love the flowers in the background ….. for me this would be a lovely priviledge to be in a room full of blooms. Too bad that it was a curse of sorts for you …..

    • Not so much a curse Loni, just incredibly difficult to keep composure when your eyes are streaming and you can’t stop sneezing. I was allowed to go in the courtyard of the kindergarten but had to present with the other “faculty and admin” during the ceremony!

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