Bloom’s Digital Taxonomy !

Bloom’s Digital Taxonomy !

“It’s not about the tools, it’s using the tools to facilitate learning” ! (Andrew Churches)


Bloom’s Taxonomy and Bloom’s Revised Taxonomy [2] are key tools for teachers and instructional designers. Benjamin Bloom published the original taxonomy in the 1950’s and Lorin Anderson in 2000 [2]. Since the most recent publication of the taxonomy there have been many changes and development that must be addressed.

So, this is an update to Bloom’s Revised Taxonomy [2] to account for the new behaviours, actions and learning opportunities emerging as technology advances and becomes more ubiquitous. Bloom’s Revised Taxonomy [2] accounts for many of the traditional classroom practices but does not account for the new technologies and the processes and actions associated with them, nor does it do justice to the “digital children”[8], or as Marc Prensky describes them the “Digital Natives”[7]. 


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