What makes a post ?

As we know, in the social media assignments 2 and 3 a portion of the grade entail regular posting to different fora (forums). With regards to posting on the moodle generated fora, which fora do we need to focus on ? Also with regards to posting on other peoples blogs, social media streams etc. how is a count going to be kept as some posts (although entered) might end up in a moderation queue (as I assume the owners of the blogs have this control). Do we need to keep track of all our posts over various fora and blogs and social media to meet the requirement? Also with regards to the term “post”,  what exactly constitutes a post for the requirements for it to be counted? For example is a “like” a post, it is social media interaction, is a few words that say ” My what a beautiful blog, got me thinking” a post ? Or is a short paragraph with xxx number of words (on subject) considered a post. I personally would like to know what the parameters are, as I stand confused ! Thank you !


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