A more esoteric life begins…..

I was recently told by a family friend that I lead an esoteric life (my Grandma also compared my life to day old fish)….On Monday I begin a new short term job at an International School teaching “English/Poetry/Drama to Grades 11 and 12. So for those purists out there it will be my “first” real teaching job…..Hah…. Actually I have been teaching at my own school for about 18 years. So if experience counts out in the real world I shouldn’t have too many problems…. I have already prepared my classes and since the students will be involved with a lot of self study, my job will be one of guidance in their learning process. The topics I will cover range from  short stories to Sylvia Plath, from “Of Mice and Men” to short drama which will be video taped and posted on a special class Facebook group. In a way I am looking forward to this…..

I’ve been in Cambodia since the 3rd week of December. Tonight will be my first night in many months in my own place (although I share a house/villa with 3 others). I was really lucky to have been able to stay with my sisters family for these last few weeks. The last week was spent cleaning out the room that I will rent. I hired a cleaner that works with my sisters maid. I think I will hire her to clean my room a few times a week ,as the house maid only cleans the common areas of the villa. Hopefully next week I will have my room painted as it is a very drab/vile yellow. I bought a little floor lamp at the local market, and plan to buy a few new curtain rods and some new curtains out of linen or silk. I am looking to make the room feel and look clean and airy.


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