After the overland tour…..

The last week of my overland tour flew by (actually the entire tour did) there were things I didn’t like but they were outweighed by the things that I did. There is no better way to see (physical) Africa…..and certainly no other way to cheaply see all that I did. Was it the most comfortable ? In 3 words, yes and no. I became quite used to camping out, pitching a tent, and sleeping in a sleeping bag. Luckily and thankfully the trip wasn’t at full capacity so I could have my own tent. The food, though monotonous, was edible and they always had a vegetarian/non-red meat eater option to choose from. Breakfast and lunch were simple toast/sandwiches, but dinner was always hot with vegetables, rice, pasta, meat/fish etc. The truck itself was comfortable, then again we were only 11 out of a total capacity of 30. The tour itself was very well organized by Emma, the tour leader. Cooking and driving were taken care of by 2 Kenyans, Franco and Steve. I was kind of at a loss when we arrived in Cape Town on Saturday. Sunday was a bit boring due to weather (heavy rain). I rented a car on Monday AM and drove to Hermanus up the coast. Sadly more rain, so no whale sightings yet. Tomorrow I will probably head back to the Stellenbosch area and Friday I will go to Durban and then to the Drakensburg Mountains……Thanks again for looking and commenting !


One thought on “After the overland tour…..

  1. glad to hear from you. did try the number we saw on the phone but unfortunately did not know the city and therefore the long distance operator was guessing and I could not get through.

    Looking forward to the weekend as the Cambodians arrive. Tonight we got adrianas house ready for them

    Sounds like your adventures are many. Family dinner here on Saturday night when the group arrive.

    Love Mum

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