Sojourn in Swakopmund

Sundays, in the parts of Southern Africa I have visited, are for the most part void of activity. For those of us that are from Asia (or have been living in Asia) might find this a bit strange. Most commercial establishments are closed, and those that open only do for a few hours a day.

I wanted to get my hair cut yesterday, but the shops had already closed by 14:00……on a Saturday.

I have a video from my sky dive on Friday. Will try to upload a portion but I think it will be too large….my facial skin jiggles, and I can see what I will look like when my hair falls out down the line.

Africa is a very interesting place and it is too bad that I waited so long to come over here. i have seen some other travelers pictures of places in Tanzania , Kenya, Malawi, that all look really interesting too.

Coming up we will be stopping at the giant sand dunes on the southern coast of Namibia. From there we will make our way via Orange River (South Africa/Namibia border) to Cederberg wine area finally getting into Cape Town on Friday. My cell phone number is now working (when in range) and I will attempt to check in via phone when I hit South Africa.

Many thanks to all of you that have been looking in. Please keep wandering by when you have the chance and thanks for all the great comments.



2 thoughts on “Sojourn in Swakopmund

  1. this is your Mother.
    We had a wonderful week-end with yvonne and harvey for their 50th. Last week-end they celebrated with all the children.
    tonight Pat and her friend renee (from toronto) are coming for dinner.
    I do not think I have the cell number as I thought it was finished please send an e-mail with the number so that we can speak.
    just got off the phone with out cambodia children they have just arrived at the cottage that they will be at for the next week. i spoke to sam and although he was tired he sounds really good. he told me that he could not speak for long because he was going outside to play a game of croquet…….
    love reading all about your adventures.

    Love your parents.

  2. phil, the pics are wonderful! I think my fave are the giraffes, you are so lucky to have done this, what a trip!! Looking forward to seeing Sam & his parents, when will we be seeing you? Y & H

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