As I reported below, I am now in Botswana. The last few days have been spent in Chobe National Park. Chobe is noted for it’s river and shore. Very attractive for the Buffalo, Leopards, Lions, Hippos and Elephants. There are about 70,000 elephants(pictures/video to be posted later)…..I must say I like this park best so far. I think the water feature and marsh work very well. I did an overnight camping experience (semi luxury) with some other people on the overland trek. We had both an evening and early morning game drive and then a boat safari the following evening……….in a word “superb”. During the morning game drive we saw a pride of lions(2 lioness,2 cubs) devour a Cape Buffalo….very interesting Today I find myself after an eight hour drive in Maun, Botswana. We will be overnighting here and then going on a 2 day trek in dugout canoes in the Okavonga Delta. This is also separate from the overland but it would seem that all 10 are going on it ! Should be difficult for a few of the other passengers……..Really quite happy to have left Zimbabwe and that terrible situation. I should not that I did go out of town one day to donate food bought in Zambia. The people are truly desperate, although it must be said very gracious. Very sad situation as the town of Victoria Falls is much better suited for tourism with all the infrastructure there in place. The only things missing are customers/ workers……it is a ghost town. I will probably not have an opportunity to add photos for a week or so. Thanks so much for looking in on my blog………..



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