Treehouse Camp

CIMG1199, originally uploaded by silverwinnipegboy.

This was the accommodation at Mark’s Camp. Very much a treehouse, as the camp is not fenced in the animals are free to wander under where you sleep. Scary for some……..I had a giraffe eating leaves nearby on the first night I was there. Every morning there were Kudu underneath grazing………


4 thoughts on “Treehouse Camp

  1. Hi Sam, I am really happy you are looking and hopefully enjoying my pictures. To answer your question, the animals don’t come in if you lock the doors and thankfully there weren’t many bugs as it is winter in Southern Africa (not like winter in Canada). The animals were around the tree house and under it ! There were not any scary animals around unless you consider giraffe and kudu(a striped deer), scary. The scariest animals are the cape buffalo and hippos…..of course the crocodiles too. If you would like me to take a picture of something I will do my best and then post it here……I hope you have been looking on the internet to find extra information about the places I have been…….
    Love Uncle Phil

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